she/her. 18. lesbian. aromantic. disabled. spoonie. vintage. femme. kinkster. non-mono. fencer. guitarist. 🦓🥄. 🏴🚩🌱. straightedge: ✖️✖️✖️. PLUR.

hypermobile ehlers danlos syndrome. chronic pain. chronic fatigue. endless comorbids. i'm a delicate little flower. if you need me, i'm probably napping.

post punk, political punk,
hardcore, queercore, emo.

☀️ aries ☀️
🌙 pisces 🌙
🌟 taurus 🌟

ways to send me money! you can help me afford medical supplies, copays, food, and supplies for all my creative endeavors :)


dm if u want me to link your stuff here <3